01 marts 2016


So it's been some time since I last did an update in here. I've started doing an internship, so inspiration really hasn't been there much. >_<"
But I feel a little restless when I'm not blogging once in a while actually, because this is where I keep track of my hobby ^^

I'll start out with dropping a small bomb XD
I've debated this with myself a lot, and finally realised, that IH Lawrence won't work as Ludwig >_< He is just not the type to solicit pleasure women and smoking opium :D' So I'm going to use the Lawrence sculpt for another character...preferably a king or prince or someone noble. His face seems better suited for that sort of role :)
So this is exciting...I get to pick a new sculpt for the leader of my crew...but actually...it's really difficult XD' I find I'm extremely picky now. So I hope I can have fun looking for a new shell for him (hopefully keeping me busy until I start making some money soon) :)

Ludwig's character is still not that well known to me. But what I know is that he is extremely self secure, helps anyone he can, knows his own limitations, loves to taunt officials/guards/royals/etc., it prone to spend every penny in his pocket, likes to be praised for his looks and charm, dislikes rivals in looks and charm (he is pretty narcissistic actually <_<), is an extremely good fencer, seems like he doesn't have a care in the world but is actually very clever and cunning.
I'm imagining a guy who takes care of his crew like a mother hen, but at the same time loves to get in trouble with the authorities. He was sold into slavery as a young boy, so he has seen the system and hates how rich people trample on those less fortunate. He is a little like Robin Hood...just way more naughty XD

Idk if that makes sense...but it's turned out it's hard to find the perfect sculpt. I'd love to get a slightly smirky sculpt for him actually, but the ones I've seen so far will be hard to make into a 26 years old guy and not just a 17~19 years old ^^"
I'll just look further and hope I one day come across the perfect sculpt :D

My sister Helene showed me this super nice doll creator. So I've had fun trying to make concepts for my dolls using it.
 Codelia and Fitzwilliam. I want Codelia to have a colorfull wardrobe. And Fitz needs some goggles. :D

 Ophelia and Freyah. I want them to both have red hair. Ophelia is more of a wine/dark red, whereas Freyah's will be more orangey. ^^

Princess - disguise version (for lack of an actual name) and Ludwig. She is going to be shelled as a grey IH Bianca. Ludwig will have black hair with some blue incorporated in it somehow. ^^

Princess - non-disguise version (still not having a name for her) and royal-dude-number-001 (I played around to find a look for my IH Lawrence). I want my princess to be able to wear some awesome costumes as well :D And I'm imagining Lawrence's character will have a serious side-part x'D

So yeah, that's what I've been managing for now >_<" I hope I'm back soon with something interesting XD

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  1. BOOM!!!!! what a turn of events :D!! I love the idea of a prince, now I want to do a prince for my fantasy crew XD!!! that would be hella cute~ What are you doing to me?!

    Hope you find the perfect sculpt for Ludwig! you keep going bigger in scale and I'm going smaller haha! If I see a sculpt with a smirk I'll let you know :D

    1. Haha yeah! It's been coming along gradually, but I'm pretty comfortable with my decision though. I think it'll be better this way :)

      Yay! Muhahaha I hope you'll get a prince in your crew! Think of all the cool stuff you can dress him in *___*

      Thank you! <3 I really appreciate your help! ^^
      I've been going through so many doll selling companies, but I keep finding "faults" in their dolls. XD maybe I'm just keeping in mind I have absolutely no money for doll stuff atm? ^^"
      Some input would be lovely though, thanks <3

  2. Good luck on hunting for a better sculpts :D
    Way too many dolls look so young T_T But for me, I just pretend they're looking older than they are. I don't want all my characters to be teenagers. xD;

    What a great dollmakers :D Your characters look awesome!

    1. Thank you! Indeed it has turned out to be a challenge to find his perfect sculpt. By maybe I'm just being too picky? XD

      Yeah, it really is. I had lots of fun making these ^^

  3. Hunting for sculpts is lots of fun x3 ~ but it's tough when there's no "perfect" one ~
    I like your idea of using dress-up doll makers to plan your dollies' looks like that! :O

    1. Haha yes. But I'm sure I'll find a sculpt for him someday. Maybe it just hasn't been released yet ;)

      Dress-up doll makers are SO much faster than drawing your dolls yourself. And it's much faster to play around with colors and such ^^

  4. I understand the whole busy with uni @w@ But the change to a prince sounds awesome, and I love how your characters are looking in the dollmaker! :D Inspired me to make some myself xD

    1. It's hard not to also think about it when you are home, because this is the project for my final report, so I want it to be good. So yeah, I'm not managing to do a lot other than work atm. ':D
      Oh! Thank you! I'm happy you think so. Hope you'll share yours on your blog as well ^^

  5. And suddenly it happens. Hope that you find a sculpt that suits better! Great idea with a prince! Or king! Have to check out the link to the doll creator. Love those places!

    1. Yes! It can be creepy to get such a sudden realisation XD
      But I'm very happy with my choice, also because I get to pick his sculpt based on his character this time ^^
      Great idea! I'm sure you'll be able to have lots of fun with it too :D

  6. Your new plans for Lawrence sounds interesting. :D
    Codelia looks too cute! I love the idea of her having a colourful wardrobe! <3
    Hope you will find a sculpt that fits Ludwig better! ^^

    1. Hehe who doesn't like a handsome and young king or prince ;D
      I'm very happy you think so ^^ she is the youngest, and I feel it should show a little through her clothes :)
      I think I have! I'll tell you all tomorrow ;D